Why do I have such a reaction to snakes? I’m trying not to suggest ‘fear’ but it is perhaps that. I remember, when quite young, reading up about snakes to try to solve my irrational fear, after all, there weren’t too many snakes in my garden then. So why the fear of them? It helped at the […]

‘Turn right at the next exit’. ‘No Satnav, I’m not listening to you.’ One of those occasions where I’m going to do my own thing. I’d already seen that coming from Abruzzo the Satnav was going to take me though the centre of Rome and past the Coliseum to get to Trastevere where our hotel […]

It seems to have been all about food for me this summer. Well there has been plenty of other excitement too, particularly around the olive grove and getting involved in that. However, we have had some great food experiences recently. The Truffle sagra, in the mountains at the southern fringe of Abruzzo is a well […]

The barbecue is almost dead. Inherited with the house it will be no great loss. It is just a matter of time until the rust finally wins. However, on Friday at Casoli market, we walk past the fishmongers who are all open, because it is Friday. Being sure that I have heard of Branzino, we plump […]

I take a couple of loaves of bread, made this afternoon, to our two neighbours. Quite brave I think. I have read in various books of British people trying to return their italian neighbours kindness with British food. It somehow gets lost in translation because of the difference in tastes and isn’t quite the treat […]

An olive grove is a magical place. Well, ours feels like some kind of heaven at 7am. The trees are really beautiful in the growing light and even more so when the sunlight hits the leaves. Our hillside gets the sun at about 9am, so anyone wanting to do any work on this side of […]

She grabs hold of the front of my tee shirt and lifts it up. What on earth is going on? My mind races in a split second of confusion… then I realise, she wants to give me some veg. The wonderful old woman who lives next door proceeds to deposit a couple of pounds of […]